Estate planning, portfolio valuation and evaluation

Walter Duke + PartnersCase Study


Fourth generation ownership of an iconic South Florida high end shopping and entertainment district required counseling and valuation analysis to assist with estate planning, portfolio valuation and evaluation to cull the portfolio and dispose of non-core assets. The disposition of non-core assets also required extensive highest and best use analysis to provide a basis for support of the transfer of partnership interest. The family had recently undergone a change in leadership and the valuation and evaluation analysis by Walter Duke + Partners was critical to help ensure a smooth transition, maximize portfolio value and minimize tax impacts.


Walter Duke + Partners employed broad based and sophisticated financial analysis and market research to explore highest and best use for the components of the portfolio to determine the exit strategy for non-core assets and formulate development strategies for development parcels.


With the help of Walter Duke + Partners, the client was able to successfully position the portfolio for maximum valuation, sell off non-core assets at fair market value and put the development sites into production to their highest and best use. Tight coordination was needed for all phases due to the many interests involved.

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