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Walter Duke + Partners: Supporting your growth and success.

Walter Duke + Partners was founded on the principle of providing sound third party commercial loan underwriting to improve quality lending. Our clients compete in an increasingly aggressive business environment as they work towards meeting OCC standards for high CRE concentration levels, which is crucial information if you're looking into borrowing from this company!

Walter Duke + Partners plays a key role in those acceptable risk management practices by providing high quality third party loan underwriting support. We work closely but independently with internal underwriting mechanisms to provide sound and defensible estimate of market value to help satisfy examiner scrutiny and mutually protect the assets of the shareholders.

Walter Duke +  Partners is a key player in the process of risk management, by providing high quality third-party loan underwriting support. We work closely with internal mechanisms to provide sound estimates for market values that satisfy examiner scrutiny while mutually protecting assets from shareholders' lawsuits.

Walter Duke + Partners has helped underwrite over 25,000 in appraisals in excess of $400 billion for national insurance companies and mortgage banking clients. We are the experts when it comes to commercial real estate financing needs because we have assisted with sound underwriting throughout our nearly 50 year history here at our firm!

We will be your trusted set of eyes on the ground with experience in all things commercial. They'll help you underwrite loans properly, assess any potential risks to those investments and provide recommendations that are tailored just for YOU!