Litigation Support

If you're involved in a real estate or financial dispute, Walter Duke + Partners can help.

Prior to entering into potential costly litigation allow our professionals to assist in early vetting of case issues. During this process Walter Duke + Partners will provide a framework for better understanding to the real estate and financial aspects of the case and assist counsel in determining the best course of action for the represented parties. This stage can also consist of extensive market research and analyses so that you better understand your position and the potential position of your opponent.

Litigation Consultation

In a litigation consulting role our professionals assist legal counsel developing case strategy as it relates to valuation issues. Our consultative Practice also provide analysis, critical review, and evaluation of valuation materials; investigative analysis of the histories of opposing experts, including prior testimony and writings; and assistance in developing effective lines of questioning and areas of attack or defense. Walter Duke + Partners gets results.

Expert Testimony and Trial Support

Expert witness testimony is provided in a variety of venues including local, state and federal courts regarding property economics issues, damages calculations, and a range of issues relating to disputes involving the valuation of property rights. In addition to the preparation of direct testimony, our expert will evaluate of the testimony of opposing witnesses and provide guidance with the preparation deposition and trial questioning. During trial we also provide assistance with the framing of the testimony and preparation of trial exhibits using state of the art materials..

Losing Is Not An Option

In today’s litigious business environment engaging the right expert can make all the difference between winning and losing. Let Walter Duke + Partners help your team come out on top when it counts, in the courtroom.

Area of expertise:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate
  • Divorce
  • Estate planning and probate
  • Land use and zoning disputes or presentations
  • Lease disputes
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Title disputes
  • Zoning and land use changes/approvals