Credit Underwriting

Walter Duke + Partners was founded on the principle of providing sound third party commercial loan underwriting and risk assessment as a way to improve the quality of commercial mortgage lending.

Our commercial real estate bank lender clients compete in an increasingly aggressive business environment under the growing scrutiny of the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC). The OCC has determined that bank lender client institutions with high concentration in commercial real estate (CRE) levels can retain those high levels with acceptable risk-management practices.

Walter Duke + Partners plays a key role in those acceptable risk management practices by providing high quality third party loan underwriting support. We work closely but independently with internal underwriting mechanisms to provide sound and defensible estimate of market value to help satisfy examiner scrutiny and mutually protect the assets of the shareholders.

Walter Duke + Partners also is proud to assist a number national insurance company, pension fund, and mortgage banking lender clients. Each sector has its own specialized underwriting needs and we are their along the way to assist your team with sound commercial real estate loan underwriting and risk assessment. In fact over the past 40 years, Walter Duke + Partners has helped underwrite over 10,000 loans in excess of 17 Billion dollars in the Florida market. We are understand and assist specialized lending products such as the EB-5 and various not-for-profit lending sources who have specific and unique lending and underwriting requirements.

Simply stated, Walter Duke + Partners is your trusted set of eyes on the ground with the expertise and experience to provide an exceptional client experience while helping you properly underwrite your loan and properly assess any potential risks in your commercial loan portfolio.

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