Walter Duke + Partners offers a broad array of real estate and business valuation services and products to the commercial real estate industry. At the core of our full service practice are four specialty areas – Affordable Housing and Tax Credit Housing, Credit Tenant Lease Properties, Educational/Charter School Facilities and Marinas and Boatyards.


Walter Duke + Partners, a Low Income Housing Tax Credit appraisal expert, believes communities thrive when quality affordable housing is available.

For over 20 years, we’ve provided our LIHTC clients with key underwriting assistance, critical research, and an exceptional client experience.

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Educational Facilities

We understand the geo-political issues that impact the market and our Educational Facility Appraisals are well known for their thoroughness and detail.

Our deep relationships help Walter Duke + Partners lead the way in the valuation of educational and charter school facilities.

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Triple Net Lease

Triple Net Leased properties can be the most challenging type of real estate investment to understand. Let the experts at Walter Duke + Partners help you avoid costly mistakes.

Since 1975, we’ve provided our NNN clients with rock-solid advice, critical research, and an exceptional client experience.

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Marina and Boatyard

Nationally known as a leading provider of real estate and business valuation to the marine industry, Walter Duke + Partners will make sure you’re getting a fair return on your financial investment.

We’re experts at evaluating the worth of a marina

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Making the right financial decisions concerning your commercial real estate can make or break you.

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