About Walter Duke + Partners

We know the Florida market inside and out.

Making the right financial decisions concerning your commercial real estate can make or break you. With over 25,000 assignments successfully completed in excess $500B, Walter Duke + Partners is your trusted source in commercial real estate and business valuation in the Florida market.

Invested in Our Community.

At Walter Duke + Partners, we strive each day to make our community a better place with our generosity of spirit and commitment to helping others. It’s just that important to us, and frankly, it’s what separates us from the pack.

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Visions and Values.

At Walter Duke + Partners, putting people first is not just a tagline it is a statement about our workplace culture. We know that our people are our company and our people are what matters most to the success of our business. It’s very simple, we take care of our people and they take care of you.

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Deep Roots in the Community.

With nearly five decades in business, Walter Duke + Partners embraces our past but we are looking boldly to the future. We are excited about the next four decades and hope you will join us along the way.

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Experienced and Well Trained.

At Walter Duke + Partners, professionalism is our default setting. We know that the valuation of commercial real estate interests and any business component is only as good as the expertise behind it. That is why quality and training are a focus of our team.

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Understanding What It Takes.

At Walter Duke + Partners, we do business with confidence and ease without regard to the need for praise or recognition but it always nice to have successful people speak highly about their experience with us.

Doing Business With Confidence And Ease.

From the very beginning, we understood the importance of building relationships, from one-person operations to the largest organizations in the world.

An exceptional client experience is a focus of our team.

Enriching The Lives Of Others.

Maybe we define success a little differently at Walter Duke + Partners, and for that reason, we are driven by a deep desire to invest heavily in our community and improve the human condition.

We have always believed in helping those less fortunate.