Walter Duke + Partners:
Meet the Team Driving Excellence.

A collaborative, people-focused culture where commercial real estate experts thrive.

Walter Duke + Partners is a company that puts people first. We know the value of our employees and work hard to ensure they are taken care off as well, which ultimately makes for an environment where everyone feels valued in some way or another!

Walter Duke, III, MAI, CCIM

Mr. Duke's company, Walter Duke + Partners, is a comprehensive commercial appraisal valuation service that provides critical analysis and information to corporate clients nationwide ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies; he has been doing this since 1985 after graduating university with an undergraduate degree in real estate evaluation & urban planning!

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Putting People First

Walter Duke + Partners is a place where you can come to make your dreams happen. We're passionate about what we do and it shows in the quality of our services, as well as how quickly people grow within this organization with support from everyone around them who share their passion too!

Kaze – Official Office Dog

Kaze is a full bred Shiba Inu. He is also the official office dog at Walter Duke + Partners.

Three years ago Kaze, then a puppy, was found wandering around the mangrove swamps of coastal South Florida. After an exhaustive search to find Kaze’s owner, Walter and Lisa Duke adopted Kaze, and since then, he has been the official office dog at Walter Duke + Partners.

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