Walter Duke + Partners: Florida Estate Planning Services

Expert Valuations, IRS Compliance, Minimize Estate Tax Liability

Walter Duke + Partners simplifies the complexities of estate planning. We provide accurate, IRS-compliant real estate valuations to help you minimize tax burdens and protect your assets for future generations.

Our Expertise – Your Peace of Mind

  • IRS-Ready Appraisals: We meticulously follow IRS regulations to ensure your valuations withstand scrutiny.
  • Partnership with Your Advisors: We collaborate with your attorneys and accountants to create a comprehensive estate strategy.
  • Focus on Accuracy: Our valuations help you establish a reliable basis for estate tax purposes.
  • Protection from Penalties: We help you avoid costly IRS penalties through meticulous compliance.

Understanding IRS Regulations

Estate planning requires a deep understanding of IRS guidelines. Walter Duke + Partners stays up-to-date on the latest regulations, including:

  • Qualified Appraisals: We meet IRS requirements for 'qualified appraisers' and appraisals.
  • Valuation Definitions: We use the correct valuation terms (Fair Market Value, etc.) to avoid disputes.
  • Retrospective Valuations: We provide valuations with effective dates in the past for estate settlement purposes.

Why Choose Walter Duke + Partners

  • Decades of Experience: Our team brings unmatched appraisal expertise to your estate planning process.
  • Comprehensive Estate Support: We offer real estate valuations and work closely with your legal and financial advisors.
  • Credentials that Matter: Our appraisers hold the designations and qualifications to ensure the credibility of your valuations.

Services for Estate Planning Professionals

Walter Duke + Partners offers specialized services tailored for attorneys, accountants, and other estate planning experts:

  • Expert Witness Testimony: We can support your case with authoritative testimony in court.
  • Avoiding Appraisal Disputes: Our IRS-compliant valuations minimize the risk of challenges.
  • Peace of Mind for Your Clients: Offer your clients added value through our accurate valuation services.

Don't Let Your Legacy Be Undervalued

Contact Walter Duke + Partners today for a consultation. Let's work together to protect your clients' estates and ensure a smooth transfer of assets.