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Florida Real Estate Market Studies & Economic Analysis

Expert Market Data and In-Depth Analysis for Informed Florida Real Estate Decisions.

Make strategic investments and navigate Florida’s dynamic real estate landscape with confidence. Walter Duke + Partners delivers comprehensive market studies and economic analysis tailored to your unique needs. Our data-driven insights illuminate market trends, demographics shifts, and economic factors, empowering you to make informed decisions for your real estate projects.

Benefits of an Economic Benefits Study

  • Showcase Your Project’s Value: Quantify the positive economic impact of your development on the community, attracting support from stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Thoroughly understand the potential economic benefits and implications of your plans, ensuring alignment with your investment goals.
  • Build Community Support: Demonstrate your development’s contributions to job creation, tax revenue generation, and overall economic growth.

Our Expertise

  • Tailored Approach: We personalize our research to address your specific project requirements and goals.
  • Actionable Insights: Our analysis goes beyond data, providing actionable recommendations to maximize your investment returns.
  • Proven Track Record: Our team of experienced real estate analysts has a successful history of delivering market studies and economic analysis throughout Florida.

Research Areas

  • Market Potential and Change of Use: Explore new opportunities and assess the viability of repurposing existing properties by understanding market demand and potential use cases.
  • Critical Planning Opinions: Obtain expert evaluations of your project plans, identifying potential risks and ensuring optimal market positioning for success.

State-of-the-art Data and Analysis

  • Rigorous Research: Access the latest Florida real estate market data and industry trends.
  • Sophisticated Modeling: Utilize advanced analytical models (listed below) to derive reliable projections and insights.

Market Studies We Offer

  • Absorption and Capture Rate Analysis: Determines the depth of the market and how much of the market your project has to capture to be successful. It also helps the client understand how quickly the project will lease up.
  • Cash Flow Modeling and Studies: Helps the client simulate actual property performance based on the leases in place and anticipated revenues and expenses. These studies help investors plan leasing and exit strategies.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: Helps clients determine to what extent they should add higher end, more expensive or luxury elements to their planned project.
  • Economic Impact Study: Provides tangible metrics regarding the positive economic impacts that accrue from a real estate development
  • Highest & Best Use Analysis: Helps clients better understand the highest and best use of the development site or of their existing property they are contemplating expansion of.
  • Market Rent Studies: These studies help clients and other users better understand the achievable rent for a particular use or project. These studies are required by the Live Local Act.
  • Marketability Studies: Measures the potential marketability of a planned project based on the projects characteristics
    Pricing Studies
  • Rate of Return Analysis: Does the project achieve desired rate of return? This study addresses this question.
  • Feasibility Gap Study: Demonstrates the amount of subsidy needed to make a development feasible. Very often used in determining the amount of subsidy an affordable housing development will need to achieve a feasible outcome.
  • Market Demand Study: Measures the depth of demand for a certain product type based on its plan development characteristics versus the competitive set in the submarket.
  • Market Segmentation Studies: Helps clients identify the segment of the market they compete in and where they might want to attack

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