Our Vision, Our Values

40 years of experience.

Walter Duke + Partners has grown to national prominence by providing a quality product and delivering an exceptional client experience. We have done it this way for 40 years.

Visions and Values

Walter Duke + Partners is a company that puts people first. Our workplace culture believes in supporting and caring for our employees, which has been proven to increase their productivity as well as the success of any business they work at–we take care about them!

At Walter Duke + Partners, we also believe that balanced people are the most productive in their professional life so it only makes sense that we place a premium on family time and promote a balanced life for all of our staff.

Putting People First

The common thread that our people share at Walter Duke + Partners is that we love what we do and it shows in how we conduct business. Simply stated we value our team members, take pride in their achievements, nurture their continued professional growth, and encourage a balanced life..

At Walter Duke + Partners, we get this.

In fact, we built our company on the profound belief that people are the most important ingredient of any business. People management is all we focus on—and for 40 years, we’ve refused to do anything else.