Retail Center Ground Lease Mediation

Walter Duke + PartnersCase Study

Walter Duke + Partners provides Retail Center Ground Lease Mediation


A multi-generational family trust is a longtime owner of a leased fee interest in a commercial property in Florida that has been developed with a value oriented shopping center. The interest was subject to a long term land lease that was required to re-cast every ten years. There was a vast discrepancy in value opinions between experts on all sides that resulted in litigation.


Walter Duke + Partners was able to draw upon extensive market knowledge and deep relationships to provide representation to the owner of the leased fee position and was charged with mediation of the experts for all sides to the benefit of its client.


After a protracted year long process, Walter Duke + Partners was able to successfully mediate the various valuation discrepancies and mediate the third parties to a successful resolution for the client saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars of the ten year renewal term.