Planned mixed use skyscraper in the Florida market

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planned mixed use skyscraper


Iconic 60-year old multi-generational development firm needed forward thinking third party counseling and valuation analysis regarding a planned mixed use skyscraper in the Florida market just prior to economic recovery. During this time, traditional sources of construction financing were not yet in the marketplace so the developer was working closely with EB-5 visa financing to secure about 20% of the funding for the $800 million project.


Walter Duke + Partners tapped into deep market relationships and employed sophisticated financial modeling and in-depth market research to provide innovative and supportable valuation and underwriting solutions to the financing source. Timing was critical given the size of the asset and the window of opportunity to break ground for the 83-story structure.


Walter Duke + Partners is proud to have played an early role in this project by providing external credit underwriting, valuation and consulting for the EB-5 consortium to allow the developer to execute perfect market timing in bringing this game changing project to market. With the help of Walter Duke + Partners the client was able to successfully secure non-traditional sources of construction financing which enabled the developer to secure a $340 million construction loan which was the largest of its type in the Florida market at the time.

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