Walter Duke + Partners:
Florida LIHTC Appraisals & Market Studies | Experts for Informed Decisions

Get Reliable LIHTC Appraisals, In-Depth Market Studies, and Data-Driven Insights for Success

Walter Duke + Partners has a long and successful track record with LIHTC appraisals and market studies that meet the rigorous standards of investors, lenders, and state housing agencies. Our expertise helps you navigate the complexities of affordable housing development.

Our LIHTC Services

  • LIHTC Appraisals: Thorough valuations compliant with regulatory guidelines.
  • Comprehensive Market Studies: Data on local rental markets, demographics, and competition.
  • Feasibility Analyses: Assessment of project viability and potential for LIHTC funding.
  • HUD Section 8 Rent Comparability Studies: Ensuring compliance with rental rate guidelines.
  • Cost Segregation: Optimize tax depreciation benefits.

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Why Walter Duke + Partners for LIHTC Projects

  • Deep Experience: Decades of LIHTC appraisal specialization throughout Florida.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: We stay updated on LIHTC program rules and Florida Housing Finance Corporation requirements.
  • Strong Reputation: Trusted by investors, developers, and state housing agencies.
  • Client Focus: Collaborative approach tailored to your unique project needs.

The Importance of Accurate LIHTC Appraisals and Market Studies

  • Secure Funding: Demonstrate project viability and competitiveness with defensible data.
  • Minimize Risk: Mitigate potential pitfalls with insights into market dynamics and feasibility.
  • Meet Compliance: Appraisals and studies are meticulously prepared for regulatory scrutiny.