Kaze - Our Office Dog.

Kaze is a full bred Shiba Inu. He is also the official office dog at Walter Duke + Partners. Three years ago Kaze, then a puppy, was found wondering around the mangrove swamps of coastal South Florida. After an exhaustive search to find Kaze’s owner, Walter and Lisa Duke adopted Kaze and since then he has been the official office dog at Walter Duke + Partners. Kaze’s duties vary but on any given day he can be seen guarding our President's couch, monitoring activity in the lunch room or patrolling the office halls to make sure all is okay. If he happens to be offered a biscuit or two along the way that’s fine too. As head of security, Kaze also makes sure to let us know when the FedEx man arrives. At Walter Duke + Partners, we support animal rescue and a pet friendly work place. It’s part of what makes us different. We encourage you to support your local pet shelters and adopt a rescue animal. It will change your life.

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