Educational Facility Appraisals

Walter Duke + Partners - The right choice for educational facilities appraisals.

Walter Duke + Partners is the leading expert in educational facilities appraisals. We have provided thousands of valuations for our clients and educate them about risks associated with these types investments, which are moving rapidly today’s market trends. This core competency makes us well known nationally as an organization helping many make critical financial decisions that impact their lives positively – especially those who rely on education or want to be part its future generations’ workforce.

Walter Duke + Partners helps provide valuable expertise across all aspects related property acquisition & management services including:

Charter Schools Valuations

The educational market is a tricky terrain for any company to navigate. Our reports have been trusted by educators, parents and students alike because they’re thorough in their research methods which ensures the most up-to date information possible while also maintaining deep relationships within this often volatile industry that can impact everyone from kindergarten teachers all the way down through high school seniors trying universities out as possibilities post graduation.

An Evolving Investment Class

The charter school market has been steadily growing in recent years, with many people seeking greater returns than traditional triple net leases.

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Educational Facility Valuation Analysis

Walter Duke + Partners has been helping educational institutions across Florida make sure they’re maximize their real estate investments for over 25 years.

We have completed 1,000+ appraisals and are ready to help you assess your specific needs so that when it comes time invest in new buildings or property we can put our expertise into making smart choices which will lead towards long term financial stability!

An Evolving Investment Class

The secondary market for charter schools is evolving and are enticing investments to those seeking greater returns than traditional triple net leased assets.

Walter Duke + Partners understands those trends and risks associated with investing in educational facility properties.