Contemporary trends in transit oriented multifamily housing.

Walter Duke + PartnersCase Study


National multi-family REIT was experiencing issues obtaining government approvals to develop much needed forward thinking transit oriented multi-family development. Delays mounted as market timing it was imperative that the developer obtain approvals and deliver the product.


Walter Duke + Partners was retained to assist the development team of attorneys, planners, traffic engineers and others by providing supportive market research and critical economic benefits analyses. Walter Duke + Partners also assisted in educating interested parties and staff on contemporary trends in transit oriented multifamily housing.


With the help of Walter Duke + Partners, the client was successful in finally obtaining approvals and are moving forward the trend setting contemporary transit oriented multi-family development. The approved projects were a win-win as they produced good quality housing and millions in tax base. The apartment communities are also being lauded by the community due to their effectiveness in reducing traffic while simultaneously promoting walkability and the use of bikes.

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