Public Safety

Public safety is the cornerstone of a local government' obligation to provide superior services to its residents and businesses. Just over 50% of our $40 million operating budget is allocated to public safety. Even though we are a small town in many ways, with our metropolitan location between two big cities and next to a major airport and seaport we have extensive public safety needs. Our police and fire departments are some of the busiest in the nation for a city our size.

During my first term we successfully merged our City fire department with BSO to not only provide an improved delivery of service but also saving our taxpayers millions of dollars in the process. This move will also eventually get our city out of the unfunded pension business and on solid financial footing fo years to come. The merger also provided us with the opportunity to get our law enforcement professionals out of their decrepit and unhealthy offices at City Hall to a modern public safety facility that better enables our law enforcement professionals to serve our residents at minimal additional cost to the taxpayers. I have personally toured the new BSO Facility on SW 30th Avenue and it is a first rate police headquarters building that is conducive to good police and detective work that our residents and business owner have come to expect from BSO. I also believe that Code Compliance should work closely with law enforcement to ensure the safety and quality of life for the residents and business owners in a fair and consistent manner.

I am a strong proponent of providing our public safety officers and staff with the most effective facilities and working conditions, as well as pay and benefits that are consistent with industry standards. In return, I expect our public safety servants to perform in a professional manner and be attentive to the needs of the residents, serving with passion for their profession and pride in their work. I will encourage each department to continue to work together with Dania Beach residents and businesses to ensure that our neighborhoods' safety and appearance are maintained and, where needed, improved.

I live, work and play in Dania Beach and I plan to spend the rest of my life here. I humbly ask that you allow me to keep my Commitment, Experience, and Judgment working for you on the Dania Beach City Commission and cast your vote to re-elect me on November 6th, 2012.

Thank you,
Commissioner Walter Duke