Neighborhood Improvements

As Broward County's oldest city, Dania Beach enjoys a variety of unique communities that each have their own distinctive charm and character. Our neighborhoods are vital and must be protected from anything that will adversely impact the quality of life of our residents. Whether it be encroachment from an expanding airport or seaport, lack of drainage, or crime issues, the quality of life of our residential neighborhoods must be protected.

The majority our neighborhoods have been developed over a long period of time with no master plan or blueprint for neighborhood redevelopment or future citywide planning. Therefore, neighborhood improvements and issues have been a priority of our current city commission. Examples include:

  • Storm Water Drainage/Flooding - our neighborhoods have suffered too long with flooding after major rain events. The current commission has been proactive about this issue and plans have been approved and funded to address drainage in our city, particularly in Southeast Dania Beach and areas of western Dania Beach.
  • CRA Neighborhood Improvement Projects - we are the oldest city in Broward County and some of our oldest neighborhoods are in need of improvements and upgrades to help them maintain their value and appeal to our residents. I am particularly proud of the three neighborhood projects this current CRA Board approved for three of our wonderful older communities of Dania Beach Heights, NW Byrd Point/Sun Garden Isles and College Gardens. Ground breaking is scheduled for March, 2012. You will start to see improvements along SW 2nd Street in Dania Beach Heights, along Phippen-Waiters Road in College Gardens and along the west side and north side of CW Thomas Park in NW Byrd Pointe.
  • Oasis Beautification Project - in 2011 the city landscaped and beautified the swale areas along SW 3rd Avenue in Dania Beach Heights. The area has been enhanced with pavers, cross walks, landscaping and solar lighting. Feedback from our residents has been very positive.
  • Demolition of Eyesores - During the past three years this commission is proud to have played a role in demolishing three eyesores in our downtown area: Pirates Inn, San Souci and the Dania Beach Hotel. These old structures were not only eyesores, but attracted vagrancy, drug use and had been declared unsafe by Broward Sheriff's Office.
  • Removal of Undesirable Uses - because of the aggressive legal action taken by the City of Dania Beach in the last few years, we have been able to rid of our neighborhoods of undesirable uses such as A to X Adult Video on Stirling Road and the former pill mill on Griffin Road. I will continue to fight to protect our neighborhoods and make sure they are safe.

I actively promote and support the cooperative efforts by residents and the city to ensure successful neighborhood redevelopment and protection from adverse influences. The city has engaged a team of professionals to create a master plan for the CRA district, and I will continue to actively participate in the process. I will also continue to push to enhance the appearance of our city by improving the maintenance of our public areas.

I live, work and play in Dania Beach and I plan to spend the rest of my life here. I humbly ask that you allow me to keep my Commitment, Experience, and Judgment working for you on the Dania Beach City Commission and cast your vote to re-elect me on November 6th, 2012.

Thank you,
Commissioner Walter Duke