Get Involved

The Duke Campaign needs your support

We need YOU to join TEAM DUKE

Sign placement in your yard or your business
Hosting a "meet and greet"
Become a neighborhood captain
Contacting your friends and neighbors via telephone or in person
Canvassing neighborhoods on the weekends or evenings
Election Day polling place support
Use my name as an endorsement
Work anywhere needed

Financial contributions of any amount are welcome:

"Committee to Elect Walter Duke III"
Lisa Duke - Campaign Treasurer
2860 Marina Mile, Suite 109,
Dania Beach, FL 33312

Maximum contribution per person is $250 and it must be a personal check only. Campaign reporting law requires contributor's job title or profession and employer's name or specific field of business activity.

If you want to help Walter in any other way, please email Walter through the ASK Walter comment box.

Thank you for your support!